The selection has been made and change in on the horizon. What should the country be expecting in preparation for the November elections? The announcement of an African American female to the ballot of a presidential ticket is historic. This action demonstrates an introduction of women on the playing field of the highest echelon, but not just a woman, a minority woman.

Former Sect. of State Condoleeza Rice left, Former Sect. of State, Susan Rice right

Certainly, we have had African American women at various levels of state and federal government in the past, even as Secretary of State. Never has society promoted, and to an extent insisted, that an African American woman be considered to occupy a position one step away from the American seat of power. I can only image the astonishing impact the country experienced from this pick, but also the increase of negativity which those who do not embrace change will most certainly ensue.

With this new proposal to the future of politics, the attacks from opposition are forthcoming and it is a safe bet that she will endure statements of racism, sexism, and inequality. These matters are not old ones, just ones that have reached the heights of attention in recent months. Since the death of George Floyd, the country has been focused on topics that have been addressed, but seldom resolved through the political stages. Now, here is a new issue at the forefront, especially for The Oval occupant.

With this resounding Democratic configuration at the executive campaign level, more focus will be given by the White House regarding mail-in ballots and the accusation of potential fraud? The Oval occupant has elected not to denounce Senator Kamala Harris’ eligibility to run for Vice-President; a notion that has already been denounced by his own party.

Comments have been made that she is too ambitious thereby hindering the Democratic position. Sure, I would also label her as ambitious along with every other politician who has run for office. Consider the position of political figures who have the drive to seek office to make positive change. I’m certain that those who campaigned for governing positions never expressed ambition to lose. Although she chastised the former Vice-president during the Democratic primary debates on multiple issues, he still recognized that she is formidable and worthy to govern with to him. More so, she is willing to stand up for what she believes to be right and in the best interest of the people; unlike those in the current administration who cower at the very hint of the occupant’s displeasure.

Opposition will simply focus on this ticket as being racially motivated not a move toward unification. But consider the value position and the removal of the gender and racial gaps. This is a national call to action for all races and both genders to take up the mantle and become more involved in the political arena where decisions about the country’s affairs are made. The rhetoric of inferiority between races is approaching its end. Sure, we still have a way to go, but it is inevitable. Understand that multiple groups of races, ethnicities, genders, sexual affiliations, and creeds are stepping into platforms of influence beginning at the highest levels of government. Leadership in all facets demand diversity and inclusion.

The real focus of this election must be placed on eliminating the devastation we are experiencing; economic distress, social separation, racial injustice, pandemic pandemonium, and educational indecision. Although we cannot blame the pandemic on the current administration, we can place the mediocre responses and failed leadership in handling it on them. Further, we cannot allow our voting rights to be hindered by an individual whose sole aim is to retain power regardless of how many citizens are adversely affected.

This is a period where history is being made in epic proportions and the time to act is now. This remaining year must channel its energy on transitioning from lies and division to longevity and unity. We should focus upon the unification of color at all levels and embrace it, while identifying the transparency of deceit and transgressions at the executive level, then expose it. The time for intentional change is here and the American people must take a stand for what promotes the interest of all citizens, not just those in positions of power. Leadership without integrity is anarchy, so stand with those who stand for justice, not with those who just stand for themselves. This is the American dream!



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