As a young man growing up without my father, I was never taught what it means to take total responsibility for my decisions nor how to prepare for a better future from a man’s perspective. Never taught the fundamentals of helping others to be better, creating a positive attitude, how to influence people, nor how to discover my purpose. I often lived in fear because I was bullied throughout my younger years and I was a mediocre performer in school. I didn’t know how to lead nor find my real power.

Military life changed all of that. Joining an organization that focused on a common goal and embracing an established belief system paved the way to my development as a leader. It was here that martial arts became available. Martial arts were always an interest of mine and fascinated me as a child; however, I never made the time to learn it. Military training and tactics opened the door for me to learn those techniques. Not just the postures and movements, but also the mental stability and focus.

Martial Arts are about mental discipline and self-control, knowing what is right and wrong, with a sense of justice and respect. The strength of a leader is not in their ability to compete, but their ambition to collaborate; not to crush the competition but create opportunities to learn from them; not to attack trouble makers, but attract talent.

My goal is to help organizational leaders from the bottom up to develop a philosophy of self-discipline that will bridge the gap between senior level leaders and employees to create an environment that becomes harmonious, productive and profitable.

~ Terry T. Budget