Imagination of Reality

Close your eyes and open you mind. What do you see through the darkness of your thoughts? Is it the drudgery of life’s current experiences or is it the crack of light beaming in the crevasses of future inventiveness? Why do we imagine a better tomorrow? Is it because today is so bad that tomorrow couldn’t be any worse? Imagination is the playground of the mind and oh, what a great place to play. It is where we transform current facts into the new reality we desire. The mind possesses the “Kodak” visuals that generate the formation of images, pictures, and mental representations of ideas that have the possibility of manifesting itself through simple reasoning and interpretation. But here lies the proverbial question; could it ever be REAL?

Imagination has been referred to as the creative power of the mind. If this is so, then the aim goes much deep than simply understanding what is imaginary and what is reality. It plunges into the very core of a person’s being. It transcribes in detail what the innermost perspective of the conscious mind conceives. Imagination is the spirit of the leader, the hard drive of their system. Imagination is the projector for which all other attributes of leadership are expressed. You will never be able to define your purpose in life, you never have self-confidence, you will never have true leadership unless you first create those qualities in your imagination and see yourself in possession of them.

As a leader, you will see how important imagination is when you stop to realize that it is the only thing you have complete and absolute control over. Remember when you were a child and you imagined all the things that were possible? Nothing was too farfetched, and anything could be done. As we grew older, we lost much of the components of that child-like process and instead of imagining the seemingly impossible, we accepted what we were told. Why did we lose sight of the dreams? What hindered that child-like belief where life itself was filled with infinite possibility? Here is the simple answer; a child believes the impossible, an adult negotiates the possible.

Leaders, regardless of what area must take a step back and remember what it was like as a child. I mean think back to when you could be or do whatever you wanted to, and the only limits were what you could not think of at that moment. Reality is only the evidence of imagination you have chosen to manifest. The rest of your dreams are still waiting on you to act. If you have a business or thinking about creating one, what is it that you want to see from your imagination to be transformed into your reality? Notice the most important word in that question…YOUR reality! You’ve heard the cliché, “Fake it till you make it.” Don’t fake it anymore. I say, “Be it till you see it.” Make your imagination, your reality.

One of the greatest tragedies of leadership in the world today is the lack of a clear understanding of the power of imagination. Look at those who have become extremely successful in their area of influence. I don’t just mean monetarily, but those who made a significant difference that benefited society. We literally vibrate energy and we refer to it as the Law of Attraction. You don’t attract what you want, you attract who you are. The real question is who are you? Go back to when you believed as a child and make it a reality as an adult. Can your imagination make a REAL difference?

Leaders, do you want to live a life of regret thinking, “…if only I had tried” or a life of contentment knowing, “…well, at least I tied?” Share the best part of your imagination with someone else and encourage those around you to do the same. Perhaps the dream you had of coming whatever it was you thought of as child may be funded by the person you shared it with. Your imagination is only as real as you believe, so let your mind’s imagination create a new reality, YOUR REALITY!

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