WE ARE AT WAR!… Make no mistake about what is happening around us. What is the cost of war? How many must be lost before we take the fight to the source? This is not about war against an army or a country but against an enemy we cannot see. It is a virus that has changed the very behavior, livelihood, and activities of humanity. I ask again, how many must be lost? Let’s look at the numbers. Research shows as of this writing, the United States exceeds 137,000 confirmed cases and over 2,400 deaths which continue to rise daily. Globally, confirmed cases are over 750,000 and reports of over 34,000+ deaths. This is the cost of war and not just war, but also the lack of proactive engagement. We are now the leaders in confirmed cases instead of the leaders in producing critical aid. These are the results of reactive leadership.

Watching the news, the head of the executive branch reports his self-proclaimed effective approach for dealing with the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, but closer observation reveals a truth which points to his ineffectiveness. This is an example of going viral in the worst way. Clearly, there is a monumental breakdown of efficient leadership and decision-making at the highest levels. State leaders continue requesting assistance from the entity that should be the most willing to provide aid; the federal government. It appears that the focus is not on promoting citizen relief, but on perpetuating political ratings.

The stimulus package is good, but it’s a temporary fix to reduce the stress on Americans who have been laid off or infected. Therefore, what is the real need? I believe money is not the solution to the problem, but a band-aid to cover it. The collaboration of the federal government in conjunction with large businesses and producers of goods to find a cure and offer aid in the form of beds, ventilators, sanitation products, and masks to name a few are paramount. The most critical states have only received a fraction of those needs.

Medical facility personnel place themselves in harm’s way to deal with the cases they are faced with, often with overwhelming odds of success. Look back at the numbers provided earlier. Those figures are just as of this writing. During this crucial time, governors are taking action to do what is necessary to care for their citizens, but again, they are hindered by federal government antics. Political leaders cannot engage in bipartisan squabbles when the country needs to become unified. This is not a political issue, but a survival issue because this pandemic does not care about political affiliation. Make no mistake, the responsibility rests on the leader of the country.

Let’s briefly touch on the President invoking executive powers to force a major corporation to produce a much need product. Remember, the Presidential administration initially delayed the act of requesting the production of more ventilators from a multi-billion-dollar company. The organization in question, General Motors, also failed in their leadership responsibilities. First, their inability to produce the essential items requested at the volume that was agreed upon. Second, demanding increased dollar amounts for items that are critical to aid in reducing the mortality rate of citizens; some of which are their customers and perhaps family, thereby making this a two-fold problem.

This call to action shouldn’t have been considered an infringement. The real question is would it have been an issue if the GM leaders were infected? I wrote a previous article saying that this crisis should not be about profit, but about people. If this is the case, then national leadership should have invoked executive powers when the possibility of a pandemic became known and large corporations should be eager to offer collaborative efforts to fight the problem.

We are now in a space where we are being reactive, not proactive. The hottest spots of infection are currently the New York, New Jersey, Louisiana, and Chicago areas, but that is only for now. More cities will follow, and state leaders must continue urging intentional actions by citizens to follow the necessary protocols to minimize the spread of the Coronavirus. This virus is real and running rampant.

What could be an effective remedy is re-commissioning hospitals that have been closed to accommodate the infected citizens or building additional medical trauma facilities to handle the influx of confirmed cases. Leadership encompasses responsibility and accountability; therefore, all business and government leaders must set aside petty differences and unite for two common goals: SURVIVAL and a CURE!

Business leaders, our family members are dying in massive quantities so, lets get in the fight NOW!

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