Let’s take a good hard look at the global network and economic systems as they exist during this current time. What’s really happening behind the scenes? It is obvious, yet tragic that the world is suffering great loss of life in multiple countries and business progress has come to a screeching halt. One of the biggest questions to date is how will people pay their bills if there is no job function to perform, thus no money to earn?

Leaders of organizations must take notice of not only the situation as it is, but what can be learned from the event. Employees are the ones who will take the hardest hits so let’s deal with that for a moment. As we close the doors to our businesses, although temporarily, there comes a chance to examine our current systems. Question: How can we keep business moving along, employees engaged, and customers satisfied when everyone is caught up in the calamity of virus spread? What is the catalyst? I’ll tell you what the catalyst is; fear and lack of information.

We fear what we don’t understand and although the media does it’s best to keep everyone informed, there appears to be focus on the lives of the celebrity and the astute more so than the middleman. This article is not meant to diminish the well-known who are promoted in the media, but let’s not take away the value of life of those who aren’t at that level. Business leaders and entrepreneurs must be aware of the way this appears to those who may have been infected and work for their company. What actions have been taken to remedy this matter? What actions have we as leaders taken to ensure they have not been set aside, apart from ensuring they are quarantined? Are we looking out for their needs, their family’s needs?

Examination of over the last several years exhibits an interesting pattern. Some significant event of devastation takes place each year. They range from natural disasters, military attacks, political calamity, and now the coronavirus. Many of these events never make national news unless it impacts someone of significance, nevertheless, there is always opportunity sought at the expense of others. Those who understand tragedy in business also understand opportunity when they see it. I don’t refer to gaining a profit, I’m referring to looking at a solution and dealing with it for the benefit of society. This is not about the corona”virus”, but about the corona”business”.

When I speak about business, I’m talking about investing in the business of saving lives and improving quality of service. If we take a quick look in any grocery or department store, you will find the shelves emptied because so many people have hoarded the items. When was the last time you’ve seen them resupplied? Opportunity lurks here and it should be captured here. When companies see a situation that stops the momentum of an entire country, that is a clue to get involved.

What about the psychological impact? Peoples lives have been altered and adjustments must be made to accommodate that. Business rely on the activity of people and if people feel that a company is only interested in profit margins, they lose credibility. Society cares about their families and organizations should look at ways they can reach out to lend services to aid those who are unable to care of the themselves. Leaders must get involved and make stride to combat this problem. It is not about profit, but about people. If you want to make a difference during these trying times, then be the difference you want to see. The world is in a crisis and now is the time to be crisis leader. Leaders, get out there and get involved because the next crisis could be in your own back yard.

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