Forged By Crisis: 10 Keys to Build Leaders, Solve Problems, and Lead Change

Nothing tests a leader like a crisis. There is a component of the leader’s character that is hidden within the depths of their soul. Crisis will expose the depths of their hidden strengths or their core weaknesses. Can they function effectively and efficiently when the heat is on and everything is on the line? Do they have what it takes to build others, solve problems, and lead change? Do you have what it takes?

Unleash The Inner Leader Within You

The Leader’s Blueprint shows you how to develop and implement the core competencies needed to transform middle managers into ALPHA leaders. You will learn how to:

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A Woman's Guide to Better Leadership

Push your leaderships skills to the next level. It’s possible and easier than you think. No longer will you be taken for granted on the job, over looked for advancement, or dismissed as an after-thought. If you really want to be a power player in the business world then it is time to enter the game, to lead, and to win. You will learn how to:

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