About Terry Budget

Terry teaches a leadership philosophy focused on three primary areas: CHARACTER, DIVERSITY AND COMMUNICATION

We Believe In Your Leaders

Do you ever feel that leadership and team training for organizations of all sizes is a daunting task, difficult to accurately measure progress, and just a ‘cycle’?.

Businesses and organizations, more than ever, are in need of purposeful leaders that can instill hope, direction, and inspiration. Your managers can be those leaders.

“If you give a leader power, you will see their true character. If you give them empowerment, you will see their true courage.”

Terry Budget

Hi, I'm Terry Budget

I am a military veteran having served 21 years in the United States army with multiple medals including 1 Bronze Stars & a Meritorious Service Medal. My military training coupled with almost 12 years in working in corporate with my  academia wealth from the University of Phoenix with a Master’s degree in Management from University of Villanova, Capella University, & University of Notre Dame allowed me to grasp decades of knowledge & understanding in human resource management, negotiations, and leadership.

Now, I teach the same principles that helps many businesses and individuals around the world about human resource management, negotiations, and leadership.

My team and I are committed to helping you boost your bottom line by empowering your leaders. Here’s how:

Get On The Right Track

Stop accepting underwhelming company goals and moral.  Discover the formula to bring out the ALPHA form your managers & boost your bottom line.